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     We are your industry standard Local Fish Shop providing our customers a wide selection of beautiful corals to select from as well as a diverse collection of aquatic/semi-aquatic plants that will help tie in a stronger piece of nature within your home.

      We at Bermuda Aquatics Exotic Fish and Ponds strive to ensure that all our fish are at their most optimum health providing our customers an easy transition into the intricate art of fish keeping aiding in helping reduce the fear of introducing an unhealthy fish into your already thriving system. In order to achieve these high quality results our livestock goes through a quarantine system in order to aid in the reduction of potential bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens they may have contracted during shipment. 

     Our store prides itself in having a collective knowledge of over 30 years, with staff being experts in the field of both fresh and saltwater being able to assess any and all situations that may arise throughout the hobby ensuring that our customers are always guided towards the most informed solution possible. Our goal isn't to simply sell fish, but rather to help create an environment that will facilitate growth and be a center in which the community can meet as one.

     Creation of such a store derived from the strong desire of seeking to create an environment where the fish keeping hobby can truly grow and prosper without spreading misinformation nor burdening our customers with items that are beneficial towards your home aquarium. We believe that complete transparency with our clients provides not only consistent results, but also helps maintain relationships that last for generations.  Welcome to the amazing world of fish keeping. Welcome to Bermuda Aquatics Exotic Fish and Ponds, where fish keeping is done right!

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